Hello, I'm Kim.
I was born in Hamburg, a beautiful city with a lot of rain through out the whole year. It's located in the nothern part of Germany. A really great place - if you have not been here yet - come see it immediately (despite the weather). It's nice & worth it!

In 1990, at the age of 7 I first visited Vietnam with my parents. I am, in fact a half German half Vietnamese mixed one (that you may observe on the above picture). Until finishing grammar school in 2003 I have lived alternately in Germany and Vietnam for about one and a half years for each turn. It had been the time when I started web development with a class mate while being in Germany. And riding the motorbike during the time I spent in Vietnam (..and doing other, less exceptional things, too). Both experiences have led to the current choice of my subjects' combination at university. That is computer science and vietnamese studies. Interestingly time has proven both subjects as solid companions for university, work and sports. And life.

With the money I had earnt during civil service I bought my first mac, which was a 12" aluminum Powerbook. I soon started to develop for mac. EDsync for mac originates from that time - beginning to study and starting the mac. I was even convinced to do the correct thing when affording even more time besides my studies for developing two other applications, namely schall & rauch and EDsync for iOS. So I did.

Martin Kim Đưng-Phạm